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Tip 1: You need a garbage can

The main issue of cars is that there’s no easy place to put a trash can. There are a few ways that you can tackle this. One way is to find a box or container that fits somewhere out-of-the-way, such as on the floor of the backseat, or in that no-man’s-land between seats.

We use a large, tall Tupperware bin in our van, and line it with used grocery sacks, which makes it easy to empty. Plastic cereal containers are the perfect size for this.

Tip 2: Fight Glove Compartment Clutter!

We all know how, over the years, the glove compartment can accumulate the detritus of old forms, napkins, and broken pencils. Using an envelope-sized expandable file folder, you can create a simple repository for all of the essential forms and information that you need. That way, you can easily clean out the glove compartment, chucking anything that doesn’t belong in the file folder.

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Tip 3: Pack Emergency Essentials in a Bin

Keeping track of all of your emergency items can sometimes be a pain, with the first aid kit in one place, the jumper cables in another, and a set of pliers somewhere else. Consolidate all of your emergency items into one bin, which you can easily store under a seat or in the trunk.

Tip 4: Clean A/C Vents with a Craft Brush

Even with a vigorous scrub, it can sometimes be near impossible to get the A/C vents clean. Try using a foam craft brush, which you can buy for around a buck.

Tip 5: Banish Streaks from the Windshield

If you’ve got streaks on your windshield, then the likely culprit is dirty wiper blades. The tried-and-true method for banishing those streaks is to wash the wiper blades with rubbing alcohol. You can use a hand-wipe (like you can get at KFC), or just douse a rag with a bit of rubbing alcohol.

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