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Okay, you just finished your morning bagel and downed a glass of orange juice. You grab your phone and open your rideshare app, and set your status as ‘Available.’ In the garage, you do a quick cleaning of your car’s interior, then your phone buzzes and you get your first assignment for the day.

You drive for a rideshare company, like Uber or Lyft. And your car is more than just your ride, it’s your livelihood. Dusting the interior isn’t just nice to do, it’s become a way to impress customers and get a top rating.

Insurance coverage is also a necessity, and every rideshare driver has to have it. So, you may have asked yourself, ‘Am I covered with my regular auto insurance?’

The answer, like so many things in insurance, is “maybe.” It depends on your insurance carrier, as well as on what stage of the rideshare experience you are on; are you simply logged into the app? Have you accepted a ride? Do you have a customer in the car?

We’ll explain a few principles in this article, but be sure to check with your insurance company to see what they cover and in which circumstances. Some insurance companies, like Freedom National, have exclusions that state that comprehensive and collision coverage won’t apply to any vehicle used for rideshare, so make sure to talk to your company before accepting that first Uber ride.

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