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Georgia is home to delicious peaches and many historical sites, but did you know that it has some
unusual laws?

The following list was posted by a Georgia native on

We found them too interesting not to share with you as well.

  1. It is illegal to keep a donkey in a bathtub.
  2. If you are passing through the state by boat you are not allowed to live on the boat for more
    than 30 days.
  3. It is illegal to carry an ice cream cone in your pocket on Sundays.
  4. If you live in the city of Acworth, GA you are required to own a rake.
  5. In the city of Athens, GA you may read a book out loud in public, but only before 2:45 AM.
  6. Members of the state assembly are not allowed to be ticketed for speeding while the assembly is in
  7. Athens-Clark County, GA does not allow using goldfish to entice people to play Bingo.
  8. If you are going out of business it is required to get a business license for a specific “going-
    out-of-business” sign in Athens-Clark County, GA.
  9. If an organization does a raffle and fails to report this to the local sheriff you will be fined
    $10,000 or up to 5 years in jail.
  10. People under the age of 16 are not allowed to play pinball after 11:00 PM in Athens-Clark
    County, GA.


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