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Can the type of music you listen to while driving actually be dangerous?

The answer is…POSSIBLY.

The British insurance website recently sponsored a study to put this to the test.


Four men and four women were chosen to drive 500 miles each without listening to any music for the first 250 miles, and listening to music for the next 250 miles.

The study specifically looked at the amount of braking and acceleration.

The study concluded that rock and hip-hop music were found to be the most “dangerous,” which in this study meant that the drivers either accelerated more or had an increase in heart rate.

So does this mean that jamming out in your car to a song that you love could make you a more dangerous driver?


Before you stop listening to music all together while driving, consider the following:

The study alone is hardly enough evidence to say YES, 100%, that the music you listen to while driving is dangerous, however, it does raise a lot of curiosity. There are a lot of other factors that might impact the results:

  • What if the person is singing in the car vs. listening to the radio?
  • Are there children in the car or are you alone?
  • Do different people react to the same type of music differently?

There are just too many unknown factors with the study to have an affirmative answer, and they didn’t test very many people. The results might be different with a larger group.


The study also found that listening to music that you don’t like can also negatively affect driving, so feel free to use this article as an excuse to tell your friends why they can’t choose the music when you drive.

You’re welcome. 🙂

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